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Courts are wet from the fog. Check back for updates.


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December Tennis and Pickleball Newsletter

Rainy Day protocol

Just a reminder, with the rainy season approaching, our policy is to close the Villas early when the courts are wet and unplayable. Please check Top Dog for court updates or call the pro shop before heading to the courts.

Save the Date –

Come celebrate Leap Year at the Villas with the Calcutta Auction and Tennis Tournament!

Please join us for our most popular and exciting tennis event of the year… yes, the Calcutta Tennis Auction and Tournament is back! The Calcutta Tennis Tournament includes an auction and dinner on Friday night, February 28th from 6:30 pm to 9:00 pm, followed by the tournament and lunch on Saturday the 29th starting at 8:30 am and ending around 3:00 pm. This is a mixed doubles event with a consolation draw. Every team is guaranteed two matches. Players sign up individually and are randomly partnered and given a handicap rating that is used to ensure exciting matches. This event is open to all adults 2.5 and up. The Calcutta is a blast as everyone gets to know each other and becomes involved as both players and owners of teams. And… who knows, you may be the next team to have your own trophy plaque secured on our club’s Fence of Fame. Sign-ups will open on either online or at the pro shop starting January 31st. Cost: Auction/Dinner, Tournament/Lunch: $65 Auction/Dinner Only: $35

Junior Tennis News:

Due to hectic holiday schedules, we realize that many parents are having difficulty committing to an entire month of Junior Tennis Academy in December. To make things easier, we have decided to prorate December dues based on attendance. This way, you can bring your kids when your holiday schedules permit and we will only charge you based on the number of sessions attended. This way, players will not fall too far behind on lessons that they have learned and knowledge they have accumulated.

Rainy Day Protocol

We realize that we are heading into the ‘rainy season’. We will inform all parents via email at least 1 hour before Academy start time in regards to court conditions. Please feel free to email Anoosh Davoudzadeh Anoosh@blackhawkcc.orgif you have any questions or concerns regarding weather conditions and class cancelations.

Feel free to contact me at Anoosh@blackhawkcc.organy of our tennis staff with questions or for more information on how to get involved with our junior tennis program.

How line calls work in Pickleball.

In or out? If you come from tennis or any other racket sport that uses a squishy ball, this may take some time to get used to. The reason I say this is that a pickleball doesn’t compress! Unlike a tennis ball, when the ball lands on the ground, only a small portion of it actually strikes the surface.

The benefit of the doubt – It’s your responsibility to make line calls on your side of the court. This means that you’re basically calling the balls in or out for your opponent’s shots. However, if there is any doubt whether the ball was in or out, then the ball must be d in. This is why line calls in Pickleball must be made instantly! There can’t be any doubt that the ball was in.

Code of ethics – Having said all of this, it’s important to have integrity and be honest. Considering that calling lines can be difficult in Pickleball, the players are encouraged to be honest about their calls.

1. If your partner calls a shot in and you call it out at the same time, the ball is in!

2. If you get a bad line call in open play, there is nothing you can do about it unless your opponent agrees. However, in a tournament, you can appeal to the referee to ask if they saw it or not.

3. Whoever is closest to ball has the best angle to call the shot. That player should make the call.

4. When in doubt the ball is in.

5. Make the call as soon as you see it, not before or too long after.

Come and join our Monday drop-in at the Sports Complex in a fun, social environment, where you play with beginners, medium and advanced pickleball players. If you have never played Pickleball before and want to learn more about the game sign up for the Pickleball 101 clinic on Sundays from 5:30 to 6:30 pm (Only by previously signing up). For more information contact Marco Sanchez at

Last update: 12/14/19

Adult Tennis Circuit Rules

The circuits are groupings of 6-8 players or teams of similar ability level. Players set up their own matches and record their scores. There are men’s and women’s singles, doubles and mixed doubles circuits.

B. There are three circuits per year:

Winter January 15- April 15

Summer May 15- August 15

Fall September 15 – December 15

Getting Started

A. Sign-ups are done at the activities desk and are $25.00 per person per circuit.

B. New players are assigned a circuit best representative of their ability level.

C. Double’s teams will be positioned by highest circuit status of either partner.

D. At the beginning of each season, all players will be sent an email with clear instructions as to how to use the website to begin play.


A. All circuit schedules may be viewed on our web site. Instructions on how to use the web site are available at the club.

B. All matches must be played during the allotted circuit time. There will be no extensions.

C. To arrange a match, phone or email your opponent and pick a date and time.

D. If, after your second attempt, you do not hear back after 10 days, you must record the match as a default.

E. Players must arrange matches at mutually agreeable times. Once play has started, matches must be played to completion unless a time constraint was agreed upon by the players before play began.

Match Play & Scoring

A. Each player or team should bring a new can of balls. The winner of the match gets to keep the un-opened new balls while the loser gets the used balls.

B. Matches shall be best two of three sets with a tie-breaker at six all, .regular ad scoring should be used unless agreed upon by both partners.

C. At the conclusion of the match, the winner should record the score on the Blackhawk CC page on by clicking on the column to the left of the opponent you played.

D. Players standings will be calculated automatically and will be viewable on the web site.

E. Winners receive 20 points regardless of the score. The loser’s points are equal to the number of games they won in all of their sets. For example, in a three set loss, 6-3,4-6,6-2, the loser would receive 11 points while the winner receives 20.

F. If players choose to play a tie-breaker in lieu of a third set, it will be treated as one game. The winner of the tie-breaker and the match will receive 20 points, and the loser’s points will equal the number of games they won in all of their sets. In other words, there will be no extra points earned for the loser of a match where a tie-breaker is played rather than a full third set.

G. All defaults will be recorded as 15 points for the winner and 0 for the loser.


A. Players with the most total points will be the champions. IN case of a tie, head-to-head competition will be the deciding factor.

B. The top two players (or teams) with the most points will advance one circuit level while the two players (or teams) with the fewest points will be moving down one circuit level in the next session.

Last update: 04/05/19

Pickleball Rules


A pickleball game is normally played to 11 and must be won by 2. You can only score a point while serving. The score should be said aloud before each serve with the serving teams score stated first, in doubles both players on a team serve so the last number stated should be to identify which server is serving. e.g. 5 - 3 - 1 would mean the serving team is inning 5 to 3 and the server is the 1st server onthe team, for the 2nd server it would be 5 - 3 - 2

The Serve

The serve must be hit with an underhand swinging motion and the ball contacted below the hips. When hitting the serve the server must be behind the baseline and serve into the adjacent service box as is done in tennis. You only get 1 serve, if the ball is hit out of the court, into the net or into the no-volley zone (kitchen) it is a side out. The center line, side lines and baselines are considered in on a serve but if the ball lands on the no-volley line it is a side out. If the ball hit the net and goes into the service box it is a let and the server maintains the serve. You only score points while serving.

In doubles each player serves until a point is lost then the other team gets the serve. At the start of the game the team that serves first only gets 1 player to server so the score starts at 0 - 0 - 2. The 2 meaning it is already the 2nd server. The 1st server on each side is always from the right service box serving into the right service box on the other side.

Double Bounce Rule

When the ball is served the player on the receiving side must let the ball bounce once before hitting it. When the ball is returned to the serving side the ball must again bounce once before being hit. After the ball has bounced once on each side the ball can be hit without bouncing as long as you arent in the no-volley zone 7 feet from the net.

No Volley Zone

The No-Volley Zone is 7 feet from the net on each side. A player can not hit a ball if he is inside the No-Volley Zone unless the ball bounces first. If a ball hit a player in the No-Volley zone before bouncing the point is lost. Once a ball bounces a player can hit the ball while inside the zone. If a player hits a ball while outside the No-Volley Zone the momentum takes him/her into the zone the point is lost. If your foot touches any part of the line you are considered inside the zone, you can reach over the line and hit a ball as long as your foot is behind the line. If a serve hits the No-Volley line the serving team loses the point.

Last update: 05/22/19

Blackhawk Country Club



1. Guest privileges are at the discretion of Blackhawk Country Club and may be altered or discontinued by action of the Board of Directors without notice.

2. All guests must be registered at the Tennis Villas Pro Shop before play at either the Villas or Sports Complex tennis centers.

3. Members must be on the same court with their guests.

4. The same guest is limited to six times a year, regardless of who sponsors them. However, Family Guests who live outside of Alameda and Contra Costa Counties (must provide a valid driver's license or other form of comparable identification) will be permitted to use the tennis facilities an unlimited number of times, provided they are accompanied by a family member who is a Golf or Tennis Member in good standing.

5. Guest fees will be charged for all guests at the current rate.

6. Fees are posted in the Tennis Villas Pro Shop.


1. Tennis activities must be approved by the Director of Tennis.

2. League matches will be given advanced court booking.

3. Children under 12 must be under adult supervision at all times.


1. Tennis Villas Pro Shop hours are posted at the Pro Shop.


1. All court reservations must be made through the Tennis Villas Pro Shop (925-736-6575) or online at Players must check-in prior to going on the court. Reservations are accepted seven days in advance beginning at 8:00am. Walk-on courts will be assigned on a first come, first served basis.

2. Members wanting to book multiple courts at the same time (limit of three) may do so by calling the Villas Pro Shop.

3. Members may make one reservation per day. Cancellation of a court must be given at least one hour in advance by contacting the Tennis Villas Pro Shop. Reserved courts are forfeited to waiting players 10 minutes after reservation time. Courts may be reserved for up to two hours.

4. Players on the court who are completing their game or time should recognize players waiting outside the courts. Players may complete the game they are playing before they relinquish the court. Adults have first priority of course usage. A court will be considered an adult court if one adult is playing.


1. No glass bottles.

2. No profanity allowed.

3. No throwing of rackets.

4. All members and guests must follow the tennis dress code. (See page 4 of Club R&R’s)

5. No persons, other than employees of Blackhawk Country Club, may give tennis lessons, whether paid for or not that might give the perception that they represent Blackhawk Country Club.

Last update: 03/16/18

Blackhawk Country Club Weekly Scheduled Play Tennis Events

We hold several weekly scheduled play events that members can participate in. They are free and available to all adult members who are in the targeted level. Members may sign up for any event, and then choose specific dates that they can play. Go to to register.

Tuesday & Thursday Doubles 8:30 AM-10:30 AM

Who: Men and Women 2.5 and up

Format: Doubles. Foursomes and partners are chosen at 8:30 am by a random card draw.

Registration: Registration is done online and is cutoff when multiple of fours are reached. Additional players will be on the wait list.

Location: Tennis Villas

Saturday Women’s Doubles 9:00 AM-11:00 AM

Who: Women 2.5 and up

Format: Doubles. Foursomes generally stay on one court for the duration of the morning. Some partner switching may occur to insure balanced play.

Registration: Registration is done online with max of 12 players..

Location: Villas

Saturday Men’s Doubles 10:00 AM-12:00 PM

Who: Men 2.5 and up

Format: Doubles. Foursomes generally stay on one court for the duration of the morning. Some partner switching may occur to insure balanced play.

Registration: Men may sign up online, or the day of the event up until 9:30am by calling the Tennis Villas at (925) 736-6575.

Location: Tennis Villas

Sunday Mixed Doubles 9:30 AM-11:30 AM

Who: Men and Women 2.5 and up.

Format: Mixed doubles. Social play which includes two, one hour rounds.

Registration: Sign up online, or the day of the event up until 9:00am by calling the tennis Villas at (925) 736-6575.

Location: Tennis Villas

Last update: 12/20/19

Blackhawk Country Club

Adult Tennis Lessons

Private Lessons:

Private lessons can be booked online and allow you to choose your Tennis professional of your choice, the time of the lesson, the frequency of classes and participants.

Rates available at the Tennis Villas


Clinics are available by registering online at your NTRP level. These can include up to 6 participants in a group setting. The cost is $30 per participant. Class sessions will be 90 minutes when 4-6 players are at a class, 60 minutes with 2-3 players, 45 minutes when there is 1 student.

Cardio Tennis:

Cardio Tennis is a fun and convenient way to work on your game, hitting a ton of balls in a fast pace hour. Members with busy schedules will love that you have a choice of several classes each week to choose from simply by signing up for a class online when it works for you.

Classes are limited to the first 8 that sign-up each week.

Class will be run for the full scheduled time when we have a minimum of two participants. In the event of only one participant, our Pros will give that member a private lesson for ½ of the scheduled class time, at the advertised clinic/cardio price.

Last update: 12/20/19




Before your season starts, these are some important things you need to do:

1.1 Inform the Tennis Director of your desire to captain a team and obtain the Director’s approval.

1.1.1 Captains and co-captains must be club members.If more than one person would like to be captain, the Director of Tennis will lead a process to determine the captain.A captain can have a great effect on the team’s competitive success, team dynamics, and the members’ enjoyment of the overall team experience.The captain needs to be someone who will be objective and will work to ensure a positive team experience for all team members

1.2 Register the team at the team if you are so inclined.Select a co-captain (not required but generally desirable.). Remember to roster on the team if you intend to play.

1.3 Recruit and Welcome Teammates

1.3.1 Ask the Director of Tennis to provide you with a current list (including contact information) of eligible players. Use prior team roster information and eligible player list as a starting point for the team invite/welcome email.

1.3.2 Ensure you will have enough players committed to play at least two matches and a total roster that fulfills USTA minimum guidelines (16 players total with a minimum of 6 players at the league’s NTRP level for 5-line leagues, 12 players total with a minimum of 4 players at the league’s NTRP level for 3-line leagues).

1.3.3 Send an email to your team and prospective team members:

·Welcome team members already rostered and invite others to roster.

·In the email, provide the dates for the regular season, the 1st and 2nd round playoffs and sectionals.

·Confirm rostered and potential players’ commitment to the team. Encourage all eligible players who can play at least two matches, to join the team.

·Provide the USTA team name and/or USTA team link. Ask players to roster on the team on the USTA Norcal website as soon as possible if they have not done so already. Members must successfully roster on the team before they are eligible to play.


·Players can register for the team at any time during the season.

·Players must have a USTA rating and membership that extends beyond the end of the season or the site will not allow them to roster.

·Players without a current rating should contact the professional staff for assistance in obtaining a self-rating prior to registration.

·Go to the national website,, and click on either JOIN or RENEW to become an active USTA member.


2.1 Optimal Team Size*



Recommended Optimum Number of Players

Required Minimum # of Players at Team’s NTRP Level

18 & Over

2.5 teams (1-singles, 2-doubles lines)



3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 teams (2- singles, 3-doubles)



40 & Over

3.0, 3.5, 4.0 and 4.5 teams (2- singles, 3-doubles)



55,65,70+ and Combo

All levels (no singles, 3-doubles)



Mixed 18+, 40+, 55+

All levels (no singles, 3-doubles)


(10 men,10 women)


*If the number of players wishing to play on a given team is significantly higher than the recommended optimum team size (e.g., approximately 24 players for a team with optimally 12 players), then consideration should be given to forming two teams. For example, we have had two 6.0 teams, one consisting of all 3.0 players and another consisting of 3.5 and 2.5 players. The goal is to give as many people as possible the opportunity to play.

2.2 Non-Members

The Tennis Committee has, with Board support, agreed to allow a limited number of qualified non-members on teams who cannot fill the “Recommended Optimum” (RO) number of players for their rosters. The guidelines for recruiting non-members are as follows:

· A concerted effort must be made to recruit players from within the Blackhawk membership at both the NTRP level and the level below, before recruiting non-members.

· If the guidelines for the RO number of players and/or “at NTRP level” players on a team are not met (based upon guidelines from the USTA subcommittee and posted on Top Dog under the “USTA League Captain’s Manual”), the team can seek approval from the Director of Tennis to recruit member(s) from reciprocal clubs in order to meet the stated minimums.

· Reciprocal clubs are currently: Round Hill, Crow Canyon, Diablo, and Castlewood.

· Each recruited member must be in ‘Good Standing’ at his or her club.

· The Director of Tennis must approve all non-member recruits.

· In order to prevent filling teams with non-members, the new rules will state that for every 6-Blackhawk members rostered, the team may ask one ‘At NTRP Level’ reciprocal club non-member to join. (For example, for a team of 12 rostered BH members, the captain may invite 2 players from reciprocal clubs listed above).

· In addition to the 6:1 ratio, anyone who rosters from BH must be allowed to play in at least the number of matches required to be qualified for playoffs.

· The non-members may practice with the team once per week at no cost.

· Non-members can also play in matches at no cost other than sharing the cost of food/beverages for the matches (These players are already paying country club dues at their home clubs).

· These rules are subject to change and the ‘No non-member policy’ may be reinstated at any time if the policy is abused or not followed.

Updated July 18th, 2019


3.1 Playing time: As a general rule, any team member playing at his/her USTA rating level should be able to expect to play at least two matches during the season, provided the member is generally available.Winning players, singles players, and those who are more flexible and readily available will naturally play more than others. It is important that captains form lineups objectively and fairly. If the team qualifies for playoffs, players must have played at least two matches to be eligible to play in playoffs.

3.2 Playing up:It is suggested, but not required, that players play at their NTRP rating level.If a player chooses to roster on a higher-level team, it is desirable that he/she consult with the captain before signing up. The lower rated player will be played at the captain’s discretion, but there is no guarantee that the lower rated player will get to play. If a rostered player does not play at all, USTA Norcal can credit them most of the fee paid.


4.1 Email:Captains communicate with their team primarily via email and sometimes through text or phone. Use the email tool located on your team’s USTA page beneath your team roster to send an email to your team with a single stroke.Let your team know that you expect timely responses to your communication.Respond toyour players’ communications promptly with courtesy and professionalism.

4.2 Treat all players with respect and make every effort to foster team harmony.Remember, it takes all kinds of players to make a team.

4.3 Issues with one player:Do not send group emails to address issues with one player.Specific individualissues are often best addressed in person or by phone.

4.4 Show courtesy to your teammates by not over or under communicating.Be clear and concise.


5.1 Preference on playing doubles or singles; willingness to play the other if needed.

5.2 Preferred doubles partners. Have each player list a few names. This does not mean they will play only with those players, but as captain you will keep their preferences in mind when forming lineups. Where possible, it is desirable to partner doubles players who are comfortable playing with one another.

5.3 Preference on how to divide the cost of match food for HOME matches. Do they prefer to divide the cost of match food among all team members regardless of how often they play or do they prefer to have the cost of food for each home match paid only by those who play?

5.4 Preferred days of the week and times for home matches, and ask as well if there are any days/times when the member will rarely, if ever, be available to play.

5.5 Preferences for team practices: Are team practices desired? If so, determine the preferred day and time for weekly practices. Captains may reserve courts for team practices one time a week for up to 2 hours.

5.6 Preferences for team clinics: Are team clinics desired? If so, captains may also contact the professional staff if they would like to set up regular weekly clinics for their team. Dates and times may vary based on the team and pro’s availability.


As captain, you are responsible for a smoothly run match.You need to handle any issues that arise.If you are not available, you should appoint an “acting captain.”Here are some of your responsibilities for the match:

6.1 Match Scheduling

6.1.1 Attend the “Captain’s Meeting” prior to the start of the season.

6.1.2 Work with the Pro-Shop Manager to confirm your home match schedule, taking into account the feedback received from team members and the day/time slots allotted to you and other BHCC teams during the “Captains Meeting.”

6.1.3 Post your home matches on the website, using the CAPTAIN TOOLS drop-down menu, prior to the stated deadline.

6.1.4 Ask your players to post their availability on the website, using the PLAYER AVAILABILITY tool.This is a great way for you to track your players’ availability and to see how often each member has played.Remind your players to keep their availability updated throughout the course of the season.

Note: Due to limited court availability, you cannot schedule away matches at home for your convenience, even if the opposing team agrees.An exception may be made only under extraordinary circumstances (e.g., courts are unavailable or not playable at the opposing team’s club), in which case the opposing team is expected to provide the food.

6.2 Match Rescheduling

6.2.1 When home matches need to be rescheduled, e.g., because of rainouts, you are required to offer the opposing team two possible makeup dates.Determine possible makeup dates/times with the Pro Shop Manager and then query your team for availability.Once you determine the two best dates/times, email the opposing team captain for his/her decision and inform the Pro Shop Manager.

6.2.2 The USTA imposes very harsh penalties if a team defaults so many lines in a given match that it has no chance to win the match (e.g., in a 5-line match, at least 3 lines must be filled).If there is no chance to field the minimum number of lines for a given match, you can ask the opposing captain to reschedule the match, and it is customary (though not required) for the opposing captain to accept such a request.It is not acceptable, however, to request a reschedule simply because it is impossible to field a full team.

6.3 Match Lineups

6.3.1 Creating Lineups: Preparing match lineups is the captain’s most challenging job.USTA is a competitive league, and captains should make every effort to form winning lineups while also giving all players an opportunity to play.

·When possible, include a few alternate players in the lineup in case something causes one of your players to pull out of the match.

·Determine an appropriate balance between playing the most competitive lineup every week and giving more team members an opportunity to play.This is a judgement call a captain makes taking into account the team’s competitiveness in the league (i.e., does the team have any realistic chance of qualifying for playoffs) and the preference of team members.

·In putting two players together as doubles partners, you should consider not only their skill levels but how well their games fit together and, where possible, their partner preferences.

·Be fair.Don’t show preference to people because they are your friends.

6.3.2 Lineup Changes: Communication is key.Lineups can quickly fall apart when players get injured or change their availability for other reasons.If a captain has to change a lineup that has already been communicated to team members, the captain should advise players of the new lineup as soon as possible.Once a team member has been informed that they are playing in a match with a given partner, they have a reasonable expectation that they will be playing. If one member of a partnership cannot play, then the captain needs to be sensitive to the remaining player’s expectations, discuss the available options with them, and come to a fully-informed and transparent decision on how the lineup/players will change. The captain is responsible to make all lineup decisions.

6.4 Pre-Match Communication and Food Orders

6.4.1 Pre-match email the opposing captain for all HOME matches:Send a pre-match email to the opposing captain and provide the match address, start time/format, warm-up information, dress code, and a contact phone number.If there is any danger of rain or wet courts, be sure to obtain the opposing captain’s phone number.In the event of rain, it is customary to advise the opposing captain of the situation two hours before the match.For away matches, provide the address of the opposing club. Encourage players to arrange carpools.

6.4.2 Email the lineup, location, and timing to your team as a reminder at least a few days before any match. Ask for the players and alternates in the lineup to confirm to you and your co-captain that they are still available and will play.

6.4.3 Order food for home matches:Work with the Pro Shop Manager to ensure that food orders are handled properly. Order only enough food for match players unless the team has opted to share the cost of refreshments equally among all team members. In that case, any team member may partake, so order accordingly. It is recommended that you place your orders for the entire season at once. If ordering separately, submit food orders to the Pro Shop Manager at least three days before the match. BHCC also provides water, coffee, tea, and iced tea.

6.5 Match Day

As captain, you are responsible for a smoothly run match.You need to handle any issues that arise.If you are not able to attend the match, you should appoint an “acting captain.”Here are some of your responsibilities for the match:

6.5.1 Hosting: Remember that you are the host/hostess for the visiting team when matches are played at BHCC.Make the visiting team feel welcome and show them around (bathrooms, towels, water, etc.).

6.5.2 Coaching:Ensure that USTA rules on coaching are followed. Coaching is allowed only during the interval between the second and third sets of a match, when the team has opted to play a full third set.If the third set is a tiebreaker, coaching is not allowed.

6.5.3 Scorecard and Lineup Exchange

·Print out a scorecard with the completed lineup and take it to the match.

·Exchange lineups with the visiting captain before the start of the match.This should be done simultaneously so that neither captain has the opportunity to change the lineup after seeing the opposing team’s lineup.Once lineups have been exchanged, a lineup can be altered only with the agreement of both captains.Such last-minute changes typically occur only when one or more players fails to show up.If you have to default a line, you must default from the bottom up—i.e., line 3 in a 3-line match.

·Assign courts for each line (for home match)

·If playing at HOME, ensure that your players know the BHCC rule for split sets: If a line splits sets, it is mandatory to play a super-set tie-break (first team to 10 points by 2) instead of a full third set if the start time of the third set is within one hour of the closing time for the clubhouse

·Ensure that all lines start on time. If it’s a split-start match, make sure the later lines start immediately upon completion of the earlier matches.

·Coaching:Ensure that USTA rules on coaching are followed. Coaching is allowed only during the interval between the second and third sets of a match, when the team has opted to play a full third set.If the third set is a tiebreaker, coaching is not allowed.

6.5.4Match Warm-Up

·Check with the Pro Shop prior to your match regarding the availability of practice courts. Let your team know which courts are available and when.

·Provide a five-minute warmup prior to the match (mandated by USTA), after the teams have taken the appropriate courts.

·Visiting teams may warm up for up to 30 minutes prior to match time, as a courtesy and when courts are available.


·Be available or have someone available during the match to resolve player disputes.Captains may answer questions regarding rules only if asked by the players.Captains should do their best to ensure that spectators (home and away) are acting in accordance with USTA guidelines.

·Be available to facilitate line judge (court monitor) assignments if players request them. Any player may request a line judge.Typically, each team supplies a person to serve as line judge, as determined by the captain or acting captain.Those acting as line judges may make calls only if requested to do so by one of the players.

6.6After the Match

6.6.1Enter and Confirm Scores

§After all matches have been completed, review the scores with the opposing captain to ensure agreement that all scores have been recorded correctly on paper.

§Within 24 hours, one captain enters the final scores on the USTA website, and the other captain confirms the scores using the USTA Captain Tools. Generally, the home team captain enters the scores; however, either captain is allowed.If there are any discrepancies after scores have been entered on the website, try to resolve them with the opposing captain and then notify USTA Norcal of any changes.

§Send an email to your entire team summarizing the match and results. Include information onteam standings and playoff contention if you deem it relevant.


6.7.1Grievances with Opposing Team:Any issues with the opposing teams should be addressed with the opposing team captain according to USTA guidelines.

6.7.2Grievances with opposing team regarding BHCC Policy:Any issues with the opposing team not following BHCC policies can be addressed directly by the BHCC team captain with the opposing team captain. You can also involve BHCC tennis staff as needed.

6.7.3Grievances with BHCC Members, BHCC staff, or another BHCC captain:If you have an issue with a player on your team, another captain, a BHCC member, or BHCC staff, first address the issue directly with the person involved. If necessary, advise the Tennis Director, preferably in writing. The Tennis Director will respond to your grievance, and if appropriate, may use the information for modifying or creating future club policies.


Additional resources are available on the website and as follows:

Last update: 07/24/19

Calcutta Auction and Tennis Tournament!- Fri-Sat, Feb 28-29


Winter Men's Doubles Circuit

01/15/20-04/15/20 Playing

Winter Men's Singles Circuit

01/15/20-04/15/20 Playing

Winter Mixed Doubles Circuit

01/15/20-04/15/20 Playing

Winter Women's Singles Circuit

01/15/20-04/15/20 Playing

#8 USPTA Jr Circuit Blackhawk CC

05/15/20-05/17/20 Upcoming
Contra Costa Spring League 2020

2020 CCSL Women's A1

Contra Costa Spring League 2020

01/06/20 - 05/11/20
Teams: 1
Players: 0

2020 CCSL Women's B1

Contra Costa Spring League 2020

01/06/20 - 05/11/20
Teams: 1
Players: 0

2020 CCSL Women's B2

Contra Costa Spring League 2020

01/06/20 - 05/11/20
Teams: 1
Players: 0

2020 CCSL Women's C

Contra Costa Spring League 2020

01/06/20 - 05/11/20
Teams: 1
Players: 0
2019 BALL League

2019 BALL A2

2019 BALL League

09/09/19 - 04/17/20
Teams: 1
Players: 0

2019 BALL B1

2019 BALL League

09/09/19 - 04/17/20
Teams: 1
Players: 0

2019 BALL B2

2019 BALL League

09/09/19 - 04/17/20
Teams: 1
Players: 0

2019 BALL C

2019 BALL League

09/09/19 - 04/17/20
Teams: 1
Players: 0

2019 BALL Senior A2

2019 BALL League

09/09/19 - 04/17/20
Teams: 1
Players: 0


2018 Monday Night Spring Pickleball League

4/16/2018 - 5/21/2018
1 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2017 Fall Competitive League

10/2/2017 - 11/18/2017
1 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2017 Social Pickleball League

10/2/2017 - 11/13/2017
1 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2017 Summer Pickleball League

6/26/2017 - 8/30/2017
1 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

2017 Spring Pickleball League

3/20/2017 - 4/24/2017
1 Divisions 0 Teams 0 Players

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